Episode 12

The Queen of Kings! with TUC London legend, Fiona Ross

Fiona Ross, a key member of the group that helped co-created TUC London event, shares the impact on her own life, the direct (and indirect) result of her experience of the Ultimate Coach. An expert on masculine energy, this episode is full of fantastic takeaways and gold nuggz.

About the Guest:

THE QUEEN OF KINGS - Transformational Men's Coach, Mentor and Trusted Advisor to high achieving men who, from the outside, appear to have it all; on the inside, their truth is very different!

I work with high achieving men who dream big and know "something has to change" to avoid the potential crisis that lays ahead if they don't take charge of their lives and start BEing the man they know they can be.

Men who want freedom from stress, overwhelm and doubt.

Men keep secrets and let themselves down, risking the loss of everything they value and love.

Men who neglect their needs and themselves.

My clients tell me that working with me is like spending time with a trusted friend who will challenge them to find their truth.

They tell me their innermost fears, frustrations and secrets without fear of ridicule, judgement or negative implications.

They discover their strength and power and regain their motivation to create their dreams and create themselves.

Growing up in a family where I was the only girl, I always felt more comfortable amongst the guys.

Over the years, as a transformational coach and clinical hypnotherapist, I discovered a natural talent for supporting men to create real change in their lives.

Eventually, working with men became my speciality and I created Coaching for Men.

As a coach, I blend masculine and feminine magic to create one unbeatable team and, most importantly, provide the tools men need to find the clarity, confidence, and strength they need.


About the Host:

Laban Ditchburn, known affectionately as the World’s Best Courage Coach, mentors people on how to take bold, massive, and strategically courageous actions to facilitate miraculous outcomes. Author, Keynote Speaker, Coach, and Co-Creator of “World’s Best Mastermind”


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